Changing the Course of Medicine

closing the loop with personalized digital therapeutics

Our Mission

zig therapeutics designs, validates, and commercializes closed-loop patient digital therapeutic devices and clinical decision support systems to enable cost-effective personalized treatment.
By combining zig’s one-of-a-kind medication management system with intelligent “software as a medical treatment”, patients receive optimized medication and behavioral therapy to reach their fullest potential.
zig also develops novel digital biomarkers to navigate therapeutic care and to discover new interventions from real-world data that continuously improves patient outcomes and advances personalized medicine.

What is a Closed Loop System?



Our Pipeline

We are developing regulated closed-loop personalized digital therapeutics and clinical decision support systems for a variety of indications that address complex medical conditions, promote self-management of care, and provide immediate medical treatment during critical times of need.

Our Science

Closed-Loop Personalized Digital Therapeutic Devices are emerging technology that delivers intelligent medical and behavior therapy using software, medical “internet of things” and real-world evidence to drive personalized treatment.

Our Team

We are pioneering the new frontier of closed-loop personalized digital therapeutic devices to enable patients and providers to reach their full potential no matter how complex the disease or medical condition. Our resolute cross-functional team and extended partnerships of clinicians, scientists, engineers, developers, human factors, data scientists, manufacturers, supply chain, researchers, business, regulatory, and behavior experts hold an unrelenting belief in the power of people and technology to advance personalized digital medicine.

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